Yum Cha

The Cantonese Chinese term yum cha primarily refers to the tradition of morning tea in Cantonese cuisine exemplified by the traditional tea houses of Guangzhou (Canton).

Yum Cha translates literally as ‘to drink tea’; Dim Sum as ‘to touch the heart’. All our Yum Cha dumplings and buns are handmade for us in Sydney. The vegan dumplings come from a vegan Chinese restaurant based on Daoist principles and dietary guidelines.

Sit in the store to eat dumplings or take them away. You can buy them frozen to cook at home. We have the best quality frozen dumplings you will find in any Asian store.

You can buy frozen Red Ginger DUMPLINGS at:                                    SUPA IGA stores in SYDNEY at MLC Centre City; Cremorne, Lindfield, Rose Bay, Tramsheds at Harold Park and Summer Hill

                                                           More stores to follow - if you want your IGA to stock them ask them to contact us!.




Pork Steamed Buns
(a steamed bun with Chinese BBQ Pork inside)

Chicken Steamed Buns
(a steamed bun with Chicken and Vegetables)

Vegetable Yum Cha Bun  
(a steamed bun with vegetables and soy protein)                                                    


Siu Mai
Prawn and Pork Dumplings                               

Prawn and English Spinach Dumpling with garlic chives          

Prawn Dumpling                                                                   

Scallop Dumpling  
a delicate mix of scallops and prawns                        

Snowpea Dumpling
Snowpea, crab and prawn                            

Golden Mushroom Dumpling                               

Sticky Rice with Chicken and Chinese Sausage 
(Wheat free)  GF

Japanese Dumplings with Pork, Ginger and Shallots 

Dim Sum
Minced Pork and Vegetables 

Vegetarian (Vegan) Food

All our vegetarian food is totally vegan with no onion or garlic.

Vegetable Yum Cha Bun  
A steamed bun with vegetables and soy protein

Vegan Dim Sum
A traditional dim sum with vegetables and soy protein      

Vegan Taro and Water Chestnut Balls
(Wheat Free)   GF            

Vegan Soy Skin Spring Roll
(Wheat free) GF

Vegetarian Gyoza with Bok Choy and Shitake mushrooms.                         

Lotus Leaf Sticky Rice Parcel
(Wheat free) GF



Custard Buns (a fluffy steamed bun with custard inside)                           

Red Bean Bun (a fluffy steamed bun with sweet red bean paste inside)                                        

Sweet Coconut Black Rice in Pandan Leaf    GF                        

Black Rice Pudding with coconut cream – in the Fridge GF  

Coconut Sago Pudding – in the fridge    GF

Portuguese Custard Tarts